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Just Men’s Rings Fall Sale Offers Pre-Holiday Savings on Over 600 Men’s Rings

Just Mens Rings Fall Sale Offers Pre-Holiday Savings on Over 600 Mens Rings

Online retailer Just Mens Rings has recently launched its annual Fall Sale, featuring deep discounts and free same day shipping on hundreds of styles of mens rings and wedding bands. The Fall Sale is ideal for shoppers wanting to stock up on gift items at unbeatable prices before the holiday shopping rush begins.

Tungsten Ring with Koa Wood Theres no need for shoppers to wait until Black Friday or Cyber Monday to enjoy great savings on mens rings and wedding bands: JustMensRings.com (JMR) has recently commenced its annual Fall Sale. Full post…

Opulent Settings for Emerald Engagement Rings

Emerald green gems have always been associated in history as a valuable possession primarily owned by kings and queens. These were not only used for royal jewels but also extensively engraved in thrones and personal items.

Let this mystic charm and awe of royal grandeur celebrate your special day in life. For this occasion we suggest that you explore this choice of an impressive emerald engagement ring. And specifically, instead of regular ring settings you may perhaps attempt an opulent setting with a fine emerald and few sparkling diamonds.

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All the Riser’s a Stage—Using Interior Design Rules to Sell Your Jewelry

The first concept I remember learning was the “rule of three” and odd numbers. This rule/guideline is based on a visual preference for objects that are arranged or grouped in odd numbers.

Odd numbers and varying heights create dimension and movement. Dimension and movement create attention and promote interest, which is exactly what you want your displays to do. The more interest you create, the more you can move your customers’ eyes throughout your cases or along your booth. The more they see, the more you sell.

Risers provide a simple and elegant way to stagger the heights of your display, add dimension, and use the “rule of three” by creating odd groupings. R

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Music (And Style) Muse: Harley Viera-Newton

Not only were we lucky enough to be invited into the amazing home of our latest style muse, Harley Viera-Newton, but she also created an exclusive playlist just for Shopbop fans. “This is my gearing-up-for-summer playlist,” she says. “Best listened to on the beach with a lemonade (or in the office, pretending you’re there).”

No matter where you are, kick back and enjoy Harley’s exclusive playlist—we’ve got it set on repeat.

See Harley’s Shopbop feature.

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Stop Being Sleeping Beauty and Become More Like Maleficent

I think we can all agree that being a passive princess is not the way to achieve a rich, happy and adventure-filled life. It’s time to give Sleeping Beauty a rest, which is just what Disney has done in Maleficent. The movie instead tells the fairy tale from the perspective of the villain who cast the spell that sent Ms. Beauty into a long-term stupor. Played by Angelina Jolie, Maleficent is a reminder that action — not slumber — is the modern girl’s mantra.

And here, from three modern self-help books, is some advice on how to cast a spell of empowerment in your own life.

Practice Self-Love Meditation

You know how you’re always telling your best friends how amazing they are and that they deserve all the goodies in life — a great guy, great job and great apartment? Well,

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