diamondIf DeBeers had their way, any man wanting to get engaged would spend 2 months of their salary on a pre-designed ring with a ridiculously high price.  Thankfully, this is not the case due to online retailers, who have pushed diamond prices down to a reasonable level.  Consequently, it is possible to buy loose diamonds and preset diamonds.  Here are some advantages to buying a loose diamond.

The first advantage to a loose diamond is that your size selection is much wider than it is if you are choosing a preset ring. This is very common in engagement rings design, but recently it has been a rising trend on men’s wedding rings settings, men’s stud earrings and other types of custom made men’s jewelry.  The diamond or diamonds you choose can be much larger than the standard half-carat diamond and run as large as three carat diamonds.

Loose diamonds are also considerably more affordable as you are only paying for the stone itself and not any other added expenses, such as the setting and band that can add several hundred dollars to the final price of any ring.

In addition, because you are only paying for the stone, your significant other will be able to choose the band and setting of her choice.   This is perhaps the most important advantage that loose diamonds have over a preset ring.  An increasing number of couples are opting to design their own rings after becoming fed up with jewelry stores that are unable to provide the sort of ring they prefer.  By purchasing a loose diamond, your fiancé can choose her ring and you don’t have to worry about the stone itself.