“No innovation, no future” (Credit: IDI)

If you thought high-end luxury Swiss watches couldn’t get any more snazzier, think again. Check out these new and improved timepieces, courtesy of the some of the biggest names in the business.

Have you ever wanted to walk around in style? Have you ever had the urge to show off your timepiece? For those who are avid fans of Swiss watches, it has just gotten much easier.

Some of the most recognizable brand names from Switzerland are now bolstering their products by adding precious metals, hi-tech alloys, silicon and ceramic composites. So hurry up and get your Omega or Hublot, or Patek Philippe. Now these marvelous pieces are not just watches with plain old gold and steel designs.

If you’re not convinced about the quality of these pieces, just ask the astronauts who landed on the moon with Apollo 11 in 1969. They, too, wore Swatches. Now, though, they probably wish they could go back to the moon just to sport these flashier watches. Swatch is now using an alloy known as Liquidmetal, a material that can be molded like plastic.

Hublot is enhancing one of its signature brands, Big Bang, with its patented Magic Gold, a scratch-resistant alloy that is more than twice as hard as standard gold.

“No innovation, no future,” said Jean-Claude Biver, the Hublot chairman.

If you thought that these new and improved time pieces were just for men, think again. Ladies, there’s something in it for you as well. Patek rolled out the reference 7140, a thin watch with pink gold encrusted with over 90 diamonds. Visitors were wowed by this remarkable work of craftsmanship at the Baselworld watch fair.