Amethyst and Peridot Butterfly Stackable Ring

Peridot Eternity Stackable Ring

The concept behind stackable rings is intriguing.  A stackable ring is one that can be stacked or situated comfortably against another ring where the two (or more) rings appear to blend or complement each other.  The idea allows an individual to create what equates to custom jewelry without the correlating custom price tag.  Equally appealing is the idea that this type of jewelry is Mix and Match.  Instead of having one, finite design, the wearer can swap from a set of rings frequently, creating new patterns and in a sense, new rings.  The wearer also has the option of wearing a single ring or choosing between an assortment of  multiple bands.  Stackable ring selections often include simple metal bands that create a foundation and more elaborate decorative rings that allow for personalized flair.