You are not going to emerald ring every other year in your life. It is like a life time investment and thus, proper care should be given to ensure the safety. Proper maintenance has to be given to emerald rings to keep them sparkling for years to come.

The basic thing you can do to protect your emerald ring is to remove it every time you are about to indulge in something dirty or muddy. Each single piece of dust particle will have bad effect on your ring. This does not mean you should store it away and not wear it, but do try to avoid unwanted and unnecessary dirt. Keep cleaning your ring now and them with a soft cloth, like you do with your spectacles to keep the lens clean. You should keep certain solvents handy to wash your emerald ring with – frequently.

You should never ever bring something harsh or sharp pointed near the ring, which can scratch or break the emerald. You should not use chemicals in excess, which can also harm the gemstone.