I just had to have this watch when I saw it. It was like Flash Gordon on my wrist. This lighting bolt Swatch is a clever version of the famous watch designed – not by Flash Gordon – but by fashion designer Jeremy Scott. The bold looking timepiece is, by all accounts, a fashion watch. It is for show and fun and truly succeeds at being a spectacle.

Speaking of spectacles, have you seen Jeremy Scott? His sense of fashion is like mash-up meets comic book. He actually designed three special watches for Swatch – including this Lightning Flash, the Winged Swatch, and the Swatch Opulence (with the frame). The winged Swatch goes well with those wildly colored winged shoes from Adidas he’s wearing.

Scott’s sense of style is most assuredly insane, however, I happen to appreciate the creativity. In fact, I think I need to start wearing black and pink matador jackets more often. Those would totally go with my… BMX biking pants or … Something?

None of these watches are limited editions they though it is likely that they will not be super easy to find as well as not made forever. I think they are all pretty cool from a novelty standpoint, but the Lightning Flash spoke most to me. Plastic and 41mm wide, this watch is part of the “New Gent” collection. Inside, it has a Swiss ETA quartz movement. The dial is yellow in the black case with just the Swatch logo and black lighting hands. Like something from a comic book page, the straps are black and white lightning bolts (even the strap ring) and made from silicon.

Wearing it is fun. What can I say? I like the look of it! But it’s not really for daily wear – much too loud for that. I love that Swatch works with creative people like this and constantly offers the world affordable fashion watches that, sometimes, are a big hit like this one. You can find the Swatch Lighting Flash and the other Jeremy Scott Swatch watches for $70 each. You can buy the Lightning Flash watch model direct here.