Our lips are one of the instant focal points on our face. Due to this, all women wish to make their lips look attractive and pretty. The best way to enhance the beauty of the lips is to use the right shade of lipstick.

However, choosing the right shade is a lot trickier than it sounds. Here are some basic tips that you must keep in mind in order to pick the perfect lipstick shades that match your individual skin tone and augment your overall appearance.

In order to pick out the best lipstick shade for you, the very first prerequisite is to understand your own skin tone. The simplest way to do this is to take a look at the veins that appear on your wrist. The veins look clear blue in color on pale or cool skin tones, whereas they look green tinted and are less prominent on warmer skin tones.

Those with cool tones are lucky as they can wear almost all shades, but the colors that look best on their skin include wine reds, deep plum reds, soft pinks, soft berry shades, iced pink, magenta, apricot, plum, mocha brown and chocolate.

However, cool toned people should avoid shades like pale brown, hot pink and red shade with orange undertones. On the other hand, people with warmed skin tones can go for deep reds, berry shades, dark browns, rich caramel, coffee browns, matte pinks and mauve.

For people who have extremely pale skin, the best bet would be to go for nude shades. Another great idea would be to try peachy lipsticks topped with a nude colored gloss. Those looking for a more glamorous look can go for red color lipstick as well. However, pale skinned people must avoid burgundy and dark chocolate shades as they can be disturbingly contrasting with their skin tone.

People who have olive-toned skin, such as Italians, Greeks or Hispanic, can experiment and try on a huge variety of lipstick colors as almost all shades look great on their skin. One of the most popular and trendy shades available in the market today that is perfect for olive toned skin is coral lipstick.

Though olive toned people can go for almost all shades, but they must steer clear of purple shades as it can accentuate yellow undertones in the skin and give a washed out look.

For those who have yellow undertones on their skin, blue-based reds can be perfect when dressing up. Besides this, the best option for them is to go for flesh tones topped with gloss and bronze shades for a more monochromatic look. Avoid purple as it brings out the yellow undertones even more and makes one look sickly.

People with pink undertones on their skin should ideally choose peach shades for a soft look and bright reds or orange based reds for a more classic look. However, they should avoid blue based reds as the color clashes with their skin tone.

Most of the Asian women generally have fuller lips with natural coral tint. Therefore, coral lipstick shades accompanied by lip gloss looks wonderful on their skin.