This is the new Graham Tourbillograph Full Black, a compelling automatic column-wheel chronograph tourbillon watch from Graham London.   Graham is an interesting brand that does not often capture my attention (I dont care much for its massive trigger-style crown guards found on the Chronofighter and other designs I find equally unappealing), but I keep the brand on my radar for when they do come up with something interesting.   As for the Tourbillograph Full Black watch, I find it noteworthy for its 1) automatic tourbillon + column wheel chronograph movement that is Chronofiable certified the first such watch with such certification, according to Graham (more on Chronofiable below), 2) tourbillon visible through the dial, and 3) all black look even the movement components.  I have some more (critical) thoughts on the watch and the brand in general, after the look:

Graham Tourbillograph Full Black Watch

48mm black PVD-coated steel case, automatic mechanical column-wheel chrono with tourbillon, fitted on black croc strap

also available: red gold (white or black dial) or red gold+black PVD steel (carbon fiber dial)

On the con side, the case size is large (48mm), the hour/minute hands seem disproportionate, and the watch feels to me to be short on emotion.  I also must say that when I saw the rotor I instantly thought of Hublots Unico movement and wondered if the rotor design was inspired by Unico.  Perhaps this isnt fair to Graham as I am a big Hublot fan and follow the brand closely (thus it is an easy frame of reference for me), but the thought did cross my mind.

Further, however, I then started thinking that for the suggested price of near $50,000 USD, this watch seems like a tough sell.  What else could I have in this price range perhaps a comparable Hublot, or an Audemars Piguet or maybe a nice Patek Philippe?   Truth is that for $50k I would consider many other watches before this one.

In summary, I think that the Graham Tourbillograph Full Black, while not jumping up and down have to have it, is a watch worthy of a closer look.  But at this price level, I personally would want to feel a very strong emotional connection to the brand I want it to appeal to me, to tug on my inner-narcissist but unfortunately I do not get this from Graham.

So how about you?  If you have any thoughts on the matter or experience with Graham watches, feel free to drop a comment below.  If anyone from Graham is reading this, please feel free to get in touch and we can talk about why I should change my mind.

Did You Know?

What is Chronofiable certification?

It is a Certification awarded to a timepiece that has undergone and passed a series of tests focusing on the durability and reliability of a movement worn on the wrist on a a regular basis.  It is more of a test of durability rather than precision.

Comparison to Geneva Seal, Chronometer & Other FAQ

Official Chronofiable Standards

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