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Get Ready – #DSWShoeHookup Starts Soon!

And Im so excited! DSW is giving away 250 pairs of shoes AND 250 copies of the NY Times best-selling book, Do You Speak Shoe Lover? all before Christmas!

Youll be able to see my outfit (with the featured shoes) and enter to win one of five $50 DSW gift cards right here! But Im one of 50 bloggers who are participating, so youll have tons of chances to win! Where can you enter?

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We know you’re obsessively checking What’s New every day. We’re right there with you, picking a new favorite every morning with The Daily Find.

The Find: LAt by LAGENCE Sleeveless Drape Dress

This dress should be hanging in your closet because it is the perfect sophisticated look for fall.

Still looking? Find more day-to-night dresses, or shop LAt by LAGENCE dresses.








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You can always spot a PEOPLE StyleWatch reader: Shes super-chic, puts together fun and thoughtful outfits with a mix of high and low, shes got great hair and an overall awesome attitude. Thats why we love to feature our readers each month in a section we call You Got It Right, in which we call out the outfits that are catching our eye from the readers who inspire us every day. And since so many of you seem to love their style as much as we do, were now sharing the credit information behind their outfits. Its not always available, but hopefully it will get you started on your own right path!

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The whines of the Millennial generation have been heard across the universe. If there is one thing Millennials have taught humankind, it’s how to complain about the slight inconveniences of living in the first world. Here are seven first world problems you will only understand if you were born between the early 1980s and 2000s.    

1. Not knowing whether to Tweet, Facebook, Snapchat, GChat, text or send a freaking carrier pigeon to your friend. Asking your friend what they’re doing is not as easy as it used to be. We’ve got many, many options. Sometimes it can take a whole minute to decide how to contact someone. And sometimes that decision can feel so hard we just give up. 

2. Growing up

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Leighton Meester for Naf Naf Spring 2014 Ads

Leighton Meester is one of my favorite actresses. The Gossip Girl series made it quite clear that this talented lady possesses incredible capabilities. Not only did her Blaire Waldorf win our hearts and minds with her stunning outfits, but also she represented the brightest and most engaging character of the story. I bet a lot of girls fell in love with this stunner after the series just started to be broadcast and still stay her loyal fans. The beauty truly deserves all appraisal and attention that she receives from her numerous followers. She must be super busy with her career, as you wont spot Leighton posing for magazines or fashion brands that often.

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