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Zoya Zenith Winter Holiday 2013 nail polish collection released especially for the winter holidays of 2013 is already available!

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The Worst Cure for Heartbreak

We had just celebrated six years of marriage on a romantic vacation in Belize when my husband broke the news to me: He didn’t want to be married anymore and I needed to move out.

What happens to a stylist/fashion blogger when she gets this kind of news? She goes on a shopping binge, of course! But after two months of splurging on fashion in my new city of San Diego (where my immediate family lives), I got a reality check: The pain I was trying to numb grew worse when I finally looked in my bank account and realized I’d pretty much spent all my savings.

I needed to do something different, something drastic, to heal my account — and myself. No shopping was in order. But

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Winter holidays are just around the corner. It is high time we were inspired by Christmas makeup and nail polish collections. The world-famous nail brand Essie hints that holiday parties this year will be exceptionally brilliant.

Essie Holiday 2013 nail polish collection is titled Encrusted Treasures. In fact, your nails will be covered with almost real jewels.

If you love the textured coatings, the new collection will give you an incredible feeling.

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When thinking about accessories for a holiday look, don’t overlook flair for your hair. Hair accessories can add that extra special touch that’s perfect for this time of year. Here are easy-to-style looks that incorporate hair accessories for women looking to get glam for the holidays.

1. Braided Headband Updo

A pretty floral or intricate headband takes the popular braided updo to the next level, adding feminine sophistication to any look. This style is easy enough to do on-the-go or for an after-work party, with just a few bobby pins and your fingers. For extra security, finish with a flexible hold hairspray.

2. Pin

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A magic and glamorous collection awaits us at Dior boutiques and cosmetic stores. It has a very poetic name Golden Winter.

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